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Keyboard Warrior

Posted on 14 0

Keyboard Warrior

I used to enjoy social media, Facebook, Twitter etc, but for the past twelve months I’ve seen a rise in the number of Keyboard Warriors. If you don’t know what they are, here’s a definition from the Oxford English Dictionary:

Keyboard Warrior



A person who makes abusive or aggressive posts on the Internet, typically one who conceals their true identity.

‘she seems a down-to-earth person who does not deserve to be vilified by keyboard warriors’

Whatever happened to respect?

It puzzles me as to why someone in discussion with others suddenly feels the need to type out vitriol that often leaves the victim in a state of stupor as though a bucket of ice cold water had been dropped on them. All because they have a different opinion. Whatever happened to respect?

Amazingly, I’ve noticed when one keyboard warrior start their misspelt tirades, it’s not long after that others join in, like a gang of wild virtual hyenas. The grammar, not that there was much in the first place, takes a back seat as swear words, insults and anything that will help to cave the victim into a blubbering mess. Over what? Because someone had a different opinion? Unbelievable.

The Brexit vote, U.S and U.K elections

The Brexit vote, the recent Presidential elections in the U.S and the general election here in the U.K seemed to bring it all to a head. Trump voters calling opposers ‘snowflakes’ which soon evolved into much worse and often included derogatory terms like douchebag, muppet etc. Obviously, there were far more dreadful outrages of bile than I could or would type here.

There’s something very similar to road rage going on. People getting behind a wheel of a car and suddenly have a complete personality change to that of psychopath. I find it very depressing, normal human beings acting with such aggression knowing they’re safe hiding behind the protection of their computer screen. If ever these people were in charge of countries it wouldn’t be long before World War 3 broke out.

As I said earlier, I used to enjoy social media, meeting different minds and sharing thoughts, photos, art, whatever. It was all very nice and pleasant. I really hope the aggression stops and people start to show more respect to each other. In the meantime, I’m happy to be blogging where the community spirit is so much friendlier.

Apologies for writing a blog post that’s more serious than my usual posts, but I just felt I needed to say something about the aggression.

14 Responses
  • baddadcartoons101
    June 26, 2017

    Great thought, unfortunately people’s lowest common denominator seems to always rear it’s ugly face

    • Trev Jones
      June 26, 2017

      I know, it’s very sad. I’ve seen some very nice people reduced to tears and vowing never to return to social media again. I suppose it’s a form of bullying. 🙁 Thank you for your comment.

  • Embeecee
    June 27, 2017

    I’m a watered down version of that keyboard warrior, I’m sad to say. Because it’s a safe way to vent and get rid of ugly thoughts in my brain. But I do use “In my opinion only” a lot, and I try to remember that not everyone was raised the same way I was or in the same country even. It changes one’s perspective, does that kind of thing. The orange horror (Cheeto to me) will never have my respect, he hasn’t earned it. And the best way to enjoy social media, if that’s a thing you have enjoyed, in my opinion only, is to systematically and ruthlessly delete any and all trolls (keyboard warriors) you encounter. Don’t read their shite. I belong to the Faceplace and in the months surrounding the election over here, it got to be so ugly that I almost deleted my membership. But I thought “Feck em! I deserve to connect with people I otherwise would never communicate with. I’m important too.” and I began a systematic removal of all the people I knew who turned into trolls about that mess in November. I deleted every article or post about Trump (pro or con), and now I enjoy my usual fuzzy puppies and kittens, butterflies and flowers, positive affirmations, vintage china and gardens, because I refuse to allow the losers (aka trolls or keyboard warriors) to dictate to me. And it’s a computer. If one is horrified or hurt by the words on the screen, one should probably take a long break away because they’re confusing reality with cyber-reality. Not the same thing.

    • Trev Jones
      June 27, 2017

      Good points you raise. I don’t mind people venting off, it’s human nature, it’s when the personal, relentless tirades start, not so much against me, but others I’ve seen it happen too. I wonder if these people are quiet as mice in reality and turn into demons at night, hiding behind a screen?

  • davekingsbury
    June 27, 2017

    The idea of hiding behind a false name is like wearing a balaclava or hijab in a crowd … antisocial. But there again, when responsible people say things like there is no such thing as society, these people lack role models. It’s a complex issue but I hope we can reach out to people who lack the self esteem and courage to ‘face up’ to the world.

    • Trev Jones
      June 27, 2017

      Certainly seems a complex issue. I can’t work out why someone would be so vitriolic just because of a difference of opinion.

  • Photography Journal Blog
    June 29, 2017

    I’ve also been spending less time on line just to keep my own cool. I’ve never really understood though, how people think being rude and disrespectful is going to persuade people to listen to them.

    • Trev Jones
      June 29, 2017

      I have no idea either. There’s a lot of angry people out there

  • delphini510
    July 8, 2017

    Trev, there are times when one has to speak up and you do it strongly and yet with humour – and with good grammar.
    Your sentiments ring so true to my own; it beats my comprehension to understand the pleasure anyone can feel
    by spouting so much vitriol when life really has so much fun and beauty to comment on.

    • Trev Jones
      July 8, 2017

      Thank you, Miriam. Totally agree, there’s no need for the aggresion and vitriol. People hiding behind the safety of anonimity.

  • wiltdidit
    July 8, 2017

    Good thoughts. I guess there has always been a lot of anger out there, only now, the delivery system has never been easier. Ah if only Spike Milligan were still alive today – it would be fascinating to have all this filtered through HIS brain.

    • Trev Jones
      July 9, 2017

      What a wonderful thought about Spike Milligan. It would liven things up a little, but in a funny way.

  • Leland Olson Hoel
    July 16, 2017

    Thanks for the Post Trev, this is what I’ve been thinking for well over a year now, sites continue to deteriorate. I don’t see why they can’t police their sites, because surely they will lose users. I am one that is very near to ending my fb use. Cyber reality, or whatever it is, I don’t need to read that crap over and over. I unfriend the ones promoting hate and lies!

    • admin
      July 24, 2017

      Thank you Leland.

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