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Gazpacho Soup – Who Knew?

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In the myriad of hotels in New York City, there’s one close to Times Square, The Marriot Marquis Hotel that has at the top a rotating restaurant. Yes, not satisfied with making these buildings reach to the lower limits of the atmosphere with a view across North East America,

Braces Hang Em’ High

As I’m not getting any younger, I seem to be having trouble keeping my trousers up these days. Why this happens is quite beyond me, but I’m led to believe that apart from youthful skinheads, us men have to wear them once we hit a certain age. I treated myself to new trousers and jeans only a couple of months ago

Brushing Up On My Latin

Latin! I never was academically gifted and never spent a great deal of time at school, well, I didn’t if I could help it. Once I became an Adolescent, that was it for me, I realised there was far more interesting things going on in the world than listening to the drones of a well intentioned maths teacher

A Day In Bristol

One thing about retirement I’m looking forward to is the ability to go out for the day. We did it earlier in the year as a trial run if you like, and went to Bristol. I say a day, but in truth we decided to stay the night at The Bristol Hotel which is situated on the quayside. It was a lovely, end of summer day with plenty of sunshine (at least to start with). After parking up and sorting out the room, me and Dolly Clackett, otherwise known as the wife, went for something to eat at one of the many river side bars.

Sir Tom Jones

I have always loved music, all sorts of music. From Beethoven to Beatles and a lot in between. My earliest memory of a song was hearing Buddy Holly on the radio singing ‘Raining In My Heart’ when I was about 3 or 4 years old. I grew up in an age when probably the best popular music ever was created. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash, The Kinks and of course, Tom Jones.

I’ve Retired!

By the way, that’s not me in the photo of the couple dancing. I felt I needed to point that out! So, this is my very first blog post and it’s finally happened to me. Retirement! I’m only 59, and after suffering with Emphysema and a couple of other problems following a bout of Pneumonia in 2013, my employer, with the help of Doctors and Consultants decided that it was in everyones interests to let me retire.

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