Bench Series: November

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This is the first time I’ve done this, take part in a blog challenge, so you’ll have to excuse me if I’ve made a complete carbuncle of it. Over at Travel Words, a monthly challenge called  The Bench Series has been going since the start of the year whereby you take a photograph of a bench, but each month it has a different theme. This month’s, Bench Series: November, the theme is a message or Autumnal.  As I live local to a fair sized cemetery I went with camera and wife for an hour or so stroll.

It’s very sobering walking through a large cemetery, and although it is usually a sad place to be, it can also be a beautiful, peaceful place too. I’m talking from the point of view that you can come back out when you’ve finished!! Today was a lovely Autumnal day, a little misty, some sunshine and leaves falling from the trees as snow falls in the winter.

There are plenty of benches scattered all over, some in a formal fashion, others seemingly placed in very quiet spots so you can sit and think of those who have become part of this wooded, peace haven in the harshness of suburbia. There are many with engravings and etchings on them, reflecting the thoughts of those they left behind. All of them very moving.

This has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience, it beats working anyday.  I look forward to December’s challenge like a 4 year old waiting for Father Christmas. Even if I haven’t done it right, the experience has been an excellent one. Fresh air, gentle exercise through walking, taking photographs and being creative with others. Hang on, this is supposed to be a humorous blog and here’s me getting all serious!

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Bench Series: November

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