Black Friday

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Black Friday as far as the western world is concerned, is the day everyone goes stark raving bonkers, and is relatively new in the UK. We have always known it as Friday 13th, and it was a superstitious day of staying at home so nothing bad happened to you. In the US, it is always the Friday after Thanksgiving Day. 

In 2013, Asda introduced the first ‘smash and grab’ Black Friday to the UK after their owner, Walmart, who are American, decided to give it a try here. They thought it was a great success, so much so that in 2014 most big retailers joined in. Strangely, Asda aren’t taking part this year.

Shoppers Fury on Black FridayIt’s become the biggest shopping day of the year where retailers supposedly knock huge discounts off their stock to kick start the Christmas selling period. While the sellers are smashing their prices, it seems the customers are smashing each other. It really does bring out the worst in consumerism. Normally mild mannered ladies become all in wrestlers, prepared to fight over the 50″ flat screen TV with a guy who is built like the brick ‘schissen housen’!

I’ve never been interested in these modern day capitalistic events where people queue for hours, sometimes in sub zero temperatures, hoping to get their hands on lord knows what, so long as it’s a bargain. There are plenty of retailers taking part this year, in the UK, most of the High Street names are in as well as online retailers like Ebay and Amazon.

Talking of the online retailers, there’s Cyber Monday, which starts on, you guessed it, Monday. Again, most of the online big names will be taking part. I don’t understand that they say it will kick start the Christmas shopping spree, but surely, if you’ve got what you want at the cheapest prices on Black Friday, why would you go Christmas shopping? Or am I being stupid? At least you shouldn’t get caught up in any free for all bouts of kick boxing at these online events.

If you’re interested, there’s a website called Buy Nothing Day and well worth a visit if you don’t like these acts of consumerism madness.


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Black Friday

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