Braces Hang Em’ High

As I’m not getting any younger, I seem to be having trouble keeping my trousers up these days.  Why this happens is quite beyond me, but I’m led to believe that apart from youthful skinheads, us men have to wear them once we hit a certain age. I treated myself to new trousers and jeans only a couple of months ago, and within a few weeks I found I was pulling the belt tighter and tighter until I ran out of extra holes! The wife’s suggestion was to go out and buy more trousers!! No chance, not at them prices. And so it is, I have turned to braces.

I didn’t want to end up looking like Coco the Clown

I have never purchased braces before, so this was going to  be a new experience for me. Where do I look? What do I look for? How much are they? Will I have to have buttons sewn on my trousers? These were all questions that I had no answers for. What was really bothering me is that I didn’t want to end up looking like Coco the Clown although some people will say I already do! I did the usual thing, silver surfed the internet typing mens braces into Google. Like everything these days where the internet is concerned, you type something in and within a milli nano second, back come 4.2 billion answers! I never knew there were so many braces.


In the end I was just bamboozled by the sheer volume of items. I scratched my head, stood up to make a cup of tea and………. my trousers fell down!!! Oh my. The embarrassment of it all, it’s a good job we were not shopping in the High Street. Dolly Clackett (the wife) was beside herself with fits of laughter. “Go outside and decompose yourself”, she said, or something similar to that.  I immediately pulled up my forlorn trousers, dusted down my pride and went off to make the 34th pot of tea that day.

Rock on Tommy..

We headed to the shops first thing next day, me keeping both hands in my pockets to keep my trousers up. It’s one thing them falling down in the house, but heavens forbid if it ever happened outside, in front of hundreds, on CCTV and eventually Youtube, because everything detrimental that happens to you in public will as sure as you breathe, end up on Youtube. Eventually, after calling in nearly every shop including Poundland and The Swarovski shop (eyes roll around head) we landed in good old British Home Stores. There for the princely sum of £12.98, I found a pair of black braces that clip on to the trouser waist and do exactly what I want them to do. I’m a happy chappy now, the fear of my trousers falling away to the ankle region has been removed. Rock on Tommy, and if there’s any of you gents need a pair of braces I’ve even added this link to British Home Stores bracer department.

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Braces Hang Em’ High

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