Gazpacho Soup – Who Knew?

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In the myriad of hotels in New York City, there’s one close to Times Square, The Marriot Marquis Hotel  that has at the top a rotating restaurant.  Yes, not satisfied with making these buildings reach to the lower limits of the atmosphere with a view across North East America, the architects of this particular towering stack of bedrooms decided to fit a revolving restaurant at the top. We were visiting on holiday and it coincided with our wedding anniversary. What better way to celebrate it than to have a meal in this rotating eye in the sky, way above one of the worlds greatest cities.

Our daughter and son in law were treating us to a meal, and like all good things in this fine city, it doesn’t come cheap. So it was, we caught ‘the elevator’ to the 48th floor. It’s one of those glass things that are situated on the outside of the hotel. Woosh!!! In less time than you can say ‘wow, this is bloody fast’, we arrived at the restaurant. Greeted by a very smartly dressed man, ‘Hi Guys, how ya doin?’, we were taken to one of the many tables laid out one after the other against the windows of this giant, slowly rotating dining room with a view to die for. And it was changing by the second.

Inside The RestaurantI don’t like heights, and when the building is moving it takes all my courage not to panic. I convince myself that it’s completely safe and all will be well. First things first, I order a beer, Brooklyn Lager that’ll help steady the nerves, well I might need another couple yet. Once the nerves settle we both look at the menu, in particular the starters. I’m looking at the soup and thinking that’ll do me nicely. The waitress takes our order and I go for the Gazpacho soup. She looks at me and says, ‘Ya know it’s cold don’t ya?’ to which I replied in as cool sounding business like English manner as possible, ‘Oh yes, I know that.’

Gazpacho soup – Who knew it’s served cold?

I didn’t want to look stupid or ignorant. I hadn’t got a bloody clue! There was no way I was going to say ‘Oh, I didn’t know it would be cold’. Hands up if you know that Gazpacho soup is served cold? I only know of one person who could answer yes. Hands up if you would have done the same as me and hidden your ignorance when the waitress said it would be served cold? It’s a good job she told me, otherwise I’d have been complaining when she delivered it, and then I would have looked really stupid!!

So it was, I had to eat this soup cold. It wasn’t very pleasant, and with the waitress keeping an eye on us, I had to make believe it was just what the Doctor ordered. Well now I know and hopefully you will too. Don’t order the cold soup. The Revolving Rooftop Restaurant 

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Gazpacho Soup – Who Knew?

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