Get Ahead Get A Hat

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Get Ahead Get A Hat

The old saying, “If you want to get ahead, get a hat.” I hope there’s some truth in that as I want to get myself a new hat. At my age, I’m not too worried about getting ahead, more like keeping up, although a nice hat is welcome.

Now, my problem is which sort of hat I should wear? I do believe these are elderly problems, after all, I never bothered about headwear before. It was usually a woolly hat representative of my local football team.

How many different styles of hats?

My surprise at the vast arrange of different styles of head wear is profound. From Pork Pie to Trilby to Panama. It’s all very confusing. Leather, cloth, felt and wool, all supposedly designed to make me stand out from the crowd. Not being too bothered about standing out, for me, it’s more what keeps my head warm.

My fancy likes those hats made famous by The Blues Brothers in their entertaining film of the same name. A type of trilby come pork pie. I really don’t like the large Panama or Fedora type hats, nothing wrong with them, it’s just I don’t think they’d suit me.

Now that I’ve found the hat of my choice I’m faced with another multitude of questions. What material, what colour, what size? How do you find out the size of hat you need? Is it just a simple case of trying them on until one fits or do you actually measure a part of your skull?

See, it’s all new to me. For years, I would enter the Outdoor Wear shop, pick up a woolly hat, pay for it, walk outside and stretch it over my bonce. No measuring, no trying on, just buy and wear. Why aren’t hats like that?

Grandpa In My Pocket

There’s a children’s TV show over here that I watch with my Grandson called ‘Grandpa In My Pocket.’ It’s about a Grandpa who has a magic flat cap and when he wears it, he shrinks so he can fit in his Grandsons pocket. All sorts of fantastic adventures happen when he dons his magic cap. I wonder if I can find myself one of those? Until then, I shall be wearing the Trilby.

BBC Website for Grandpa In My Pocket

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  • susiesopinions
    June 24, 2017

    I bet you look good in it.

  • baddadcartoons101
    June 25, 2017

    Funny, just bought a hat for my Father-in-law, sounds easier in America, we’re more of a simple baseball/trucker hat society, enjoy your posts

    • Trev Jones
      June 25, 2017

      Thank you, you’re very kind. I was taken aback by the amount of choice there is, it baffled me.

  • jacquelineobyikocha
    June 25, 2017

    I liked that series grandpa in my pocket it’s been a while I saw it. Maybe I should be getting a new hat.

  • Love it Now
    June 26, 2017

    I like this show too🙂 it would be great to have this hat

    • Trev Jones
      June 26, 2017

      Thank you. Yes, a lot of fun could be had with a hat like this.

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Get Ahead Get A Hat

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