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If music be the food of love, play on, that’s what William Shakespeare wrote. He was right too. Come to think of it, Mr Shakespeare would have made a great blogger. I digress. Where was I? Ah, I love music, all sorts of the stuff. Pop, Classical, Rock and anything that hits the right buttons. However, I do seem to be drawn to sad songs. Hence this song by Gretchen Peters called Five Minutes.

Five Minutes Is My Favourite

Originally, it was my wife who was fond of the music of Gretchen Peters and she started going to her concerts. I had heard a few songs on the radio and decided that I’d join wifey next time Gretchen was performing in town. About a dozen gigs later, I still love “Five Minutes” and for me it is always the highlight of her performance.

I Saw The Stones In The 90’s

I wish I knew why some music stirs your soul like nothing I know, yet can have little or no affect on someone else listening to it. Then again, music wouldn’t be music if it didn’t do that. I recall seeing the Rolling Stones in the 1990s and they started playing ‘Satisfaction.’ I ran down to the front of the stage jumping and leaping about like Mick Jagger. I thought everyone else would be doing the same thing, so you can imagine my embarrassment when I turned around and there were 20,000 fans stood staring at me as though I was completely stupid!

A Truly Awesome Singer/Songwriter


Back to Gretchen Peters and this song, like a lot of her songs, is a complete story set to music. There’s not too many people have the talent to do that. Yes, there are songwriters, there are performers, but rarely do you get a truly awesome singer/songwriter of this calibre. Though this song is my favourite, she has many others in her repertoire and many more fans who all have their favourites.


These days there’s absolutely no chance of me running to the front of stage ala Rolling Stones style when Gretchen Peters performs this song. In fact, there’s no chance of me running anywhere! I’m more than happy to listen to her music while I’m sat chilling in my favourite chair.

Visit Gretchen Peters Website Here.

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  • Hope
    August 18, 2018

    When I see a movie the music can make a difference. Sometimes I love the music better than the movie. I do like a variety of music. When I listen to music on the radio, sing along, then at the end they give the year – wow am I really that old. LOL! Music is one of the things that can keep you “young at heart”. 🎼📯🎵🎸🎶🥁

    • admin
      August 18, 2018

      Thank you, Hope. You’re certainly right about music can keep you young at heart.

  • susiesopinions
    August 19, 2018

    You may be a ‘silly old sod’ but I bet you could if you tried. I would love to see it.

    • admin
      August 19, 2018

      Thanks, Susie, but I’m not sure about that. 😀

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Gretchen Peters Five Minutes

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