Have You Ever Won A Totally Useless Prize?

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I was enjoying the radio a few days ago. They had a quiz on where you phone in and can win a t-shirt or a radio. Not really a totally useless prize. I often listen to this particular show as the quiz is a music based one. Never would I be brave enough to call in myself. One contestant was introducing himself and said he’d been on quizzes on national TV. When asked if he had ever won anything, his answer had me rolling about on the floor.

He said he’d won a top of the range hot tub which could accommodate 8 people. Great, or so we thought. However, he lived in a 10th floor one bedroom apartment in a city centre location! Not so good. In fact, a totally useless prize. I never heard what he did with it, I was too busy laughing. It did get me thinking though, how many people have won a totally useless prize?

Here’s a few listed below:

  • A 17 year old boy that won a non-transferable makeover and hair style
  • Brand new hot water tank for the attic (What sort of competition was that?)
  • Lawn mower and hosepipe again for someone living in an apartment
  • 10 non-transferable driving lessons for a 50 year old bus driver
  • A table top cement mixer (I made this one up)

Although I laugh, I’ve never won anything myself, either useless or otherwise. Some of these prizes, like the hot water tank above, people must know what they’re entering into when they take part? I stick to playing the lottery every Saturday. At least I know I will have a useful prize if my numbers ever come up. Come to think of it, if I won the jackpot I’d probably break even after all the tickets I’ve bought over the years.

I did write a blog about not being happy at winning the lottery here

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  • susiesopinions
    June 11, 2017

    We won the World Lottery for Green Cards, as we only had Business Visas at the time.

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Have You Ever Won A Totally Useless Prize?

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