Helicopter Lands In Back Garden

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I’ve been way too quiet on here for the past couple of weeks, you know how it is, life gets hold of you and gives you a good beating while you’re trying to get through the day! Good news though, I was able to snatch a few days respite in the company of wifey and family on the coastal resort of Borth in mid Wales.

Apparently, Jimi Hendrix stayed overnight here back in the day and you could count the people who knew on the hand of a boxing glove. Anyway, as usual for us, something strange or weird usually manages to work its way into everything we do, and there was no exception here. Unusually for this part of the UK, and most unusual for us, we had a beautiful sunny day on the Saturday.

We had popped back to our caravan for a short rest and a cup of tea, and was enjoying some chill out time on the deck outside when we heard the distant sound of a helicopter. We instantly recognised the sound as there’s a police helicopter hovering around our part of town back home most evenings. In fact, we see the helicopter more than we see the police!

Anyway, the helicopter we could see was flying low over the seafront and it looked like it was moving very fast. Then it made a gut wrenching up in the air u-turn kind of thingy that I’m sure would have made anyone on board separated  of their lunch!! Wifey has got one of those new iphone jobs, all singing dancing ones, and she tried to capture it on video. However, it disappeared behind some trees. Well, it disappeared for a few seconds before reappearing behind our caravan and landing in the back garden of a house on the high street!! Hence the video. I told you something unusual always happens wherever we seem to go.

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  • davekingsbury
    June 2, 2016

    Welcome back!

    • admin
      June 2, 2016

      Thank you, Dave.

  • Jude
    June 9, 2016

    I’ve been away too, so we’re both back! So why do you not have the low down as to why the police helicopter landed in a back garden! A story like this only wets the appetite and we need to know if they brought spades and started digging up said back garden! 🙂

    • admin
      June 9, 2016

      Welcome back, Jude. It wasn’t a police helicopter, it turns out it is privately owned and the owner pops to the seaside when the weather’s nice! How the other half live.

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Helicopter Lands In Back Garden

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