Hot Chocolate

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 Hot chocolate, no not the well known band from the 70’s, but the drink. I’ve always been an avid tea drinker, always will be, together with the odd bottle of Still Scottish water. Just lately though, and it’s always on a Saturday afternoon when we usually visit Solihull town centre and meet with our family, I’ve been introduced to the delights of hot drinking chocolate. Like everyone, I have had the odd mug of Cabdury’s before setting off for bed, but usually it’s tea for me.

This particular Saturday we found ourselves on our own, other members of the family couldn’t make it. Last week we went to Cafe Nero and the son-in-law introduced me to Chocolate Milano well that’s what I think it was called. Very nice it was too, served in a long tall glass with cream on top. A little sweet, but nevertheless a nice drink on a cool autumnal afternoon.

This week, the wife told me we were going to a little open plan coffee bar in the Touchwood shopping centre. It’s set in the middle of the thoroughfare and the seats and tables are laid out around the outside. They not only sell coffee, tea and hot chocolate, but lots of delicious looking cakes lathered in fresh cream. All looking at you, screaming at you, “eat me, eat me…… please eat me”. However, on this occasion we were both very good and resisted temptation. The wife ordered two hot chocolates, paid the nice lady and we were given a flag with number 26 on and found ourselves a table.

Hot ChocolateWhen the Barista delivered our drinks, they were not just a couple of mugs filled with hot chocolate. They had this nice cream on top and chocolate that you could spoon off and eat! Not only that, the mugs were sat on a purpose made base which housed a lighted tea candle. All very nice and ‘powsh’ too. I took a sip and it was delicious! I can’t think of another word to describe the taste, so delicious will have to do, although, if you imagine what it’s like when you feel so elated the world seems a great place to be, then that’s how it really tasted. Similar to your first ever kiss! However, it’s not something I would do all the time, hot chocolate is usually a little too sweet for me, but for a treat once a week say, on a Saturday afternoon, it’s just wonderful. Little things and all of that. Theobroma is the name of this little oasis in the madding crowd, and apparently they are a big player in all things nice and naughty. I have passed it many times and I always thought it was called ‘The Obama’ after the American President!! If you like a treat, then I highly recommend this place. You will not be disappointed, but you might add a few inches if you spend to much time there. 

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