How To Get Rich Online While You’re Asleep

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We’ve all seen it. Those websites and blogs that state “How to get rich online while you’re asleep.”  Not an hour goes by without me getting something flash up on the screen telling me that Gladys earns $500,000 while she’s in the grocery store.

Why does everyone want $49 for the secret?

It got to me in the end and I thought I’d have a look at what all these people are banging on about. What a minefield!! The basics are that you need to spend $49 to pay for some information that basically tells you to charge others $49 for the same info. Why $49 though?

Lots of $49 passing hands in exchange for what? It seems the answer is to add a notice to your website saying “Send me $49 and I’ll show you how to get rich online while you’re asleep.” As for Gladys earning her $500,000 while shopping, I just can’t see it.

I’ve watched a lot of videos in my attempt to understand this financial malarkey. Some were quite honest with people saying they had made $3.49 over 12 years and one poor soul admitting he’d lost his house, although that was more through online gambling.

Turning those zzzzzzzzz’s into $$$$$$$$$

So, can you get rich online while you’re asleep? I’m sure there are ways of doing so, banking, investing and all the other official ways. But making the claims of earning $35,000 before breakfast by charging $49 seems unlikely. I’m sure I’ll be getting extra emails now telling me how I can and how Gladys keeps getting wealthy just grocery shopping.

Who knows, I may be totally wrong and it is possible to make huge amounts of money while in the land of nod. The big cheese, John Chow is always showing off his multimillionaire lifestyle, so he must be getting rich. I just can’t work out how. Even Udemy the well known online course providers have a course about making money:
100 Bestselling Courses-UDEMY See How I Make $30,000 A Month On Udemy – No Outlay!
So, there must be something in it. Right, I’m off to find Gladys in the grocery store!

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  • janebasilblog
    June 24, 2017

    Gladys got 10 years for armed robbery. This time the grocery store was ready and waiting when she rolled in with her sawn-off shotgun 🙂

    • Trev Jones
      June 24, 2017

      Lol, I never thought of that! It would be one way of making that kind of money.

  • jacquelineobyikocha
    June 25, 2017

    This made me chuckle. Please do let me know what you find out after your chat with Gladys 🙂

    • Trev Jones
      June 25, 2017

      I think she went on to make lots more money, Jacqueline 🙂

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How To Get Rich Online While You’re Asleep

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