I Haven’t Got A Clue

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I Haven’t Got A Clue

I don’t watch a lot of television. My attention span usually flips onto something else after 5 minutes or so. However, last night, I was grabbed by a thriller from the word go. Problem was, even though I was enjoying it, as the program continued a thought crossed my mind, I haven’t got a clue what the heck is going on!

More Unsuspecting Victims

It started with a lady who was an officer in the army. She seemed to be bumping people off all over the place and the powers that be were clutching at straws. There was a lot more to it than I could explain here, but, I was drawn in. One minute, she was in her full military can’t see me outfit, the next all dolled up and very demure packing an unsuspecting victim off in their wooden overcoat!

The Call of Nature

About half way through nature called and I had to miss a couple of minutes. I got back to my chair, safe in the knowledge I hadn’t missed much. I even mentioned to ‘Wifey’ that I was thoroughly enjoying this thriller. Some sort of grunt came back with words like ‘Um, Oh and that’s unsusual’, which for me it is. About 20 minutes or so later I realised I hadn’t seen the main suspect, the female army officer. It was all getting difficult to follow! There was a Police Detective that I hadn’t seen before either. What the heck was going on. Never mind, stay with it, I’m sure all will be revealed.


My attention span was finally waning. What had started out as a fantastic thriller was now becoming a confusing mish mash of people shouting at each other over who had killed who. Disappointed is an understatement. When the titles finally rolled at the end, I thought to myself, ‘hold on, this isn’t the thriller I was watching!’

It seems that when I had to dash for the loo, ‘wifey’ had changed the channel and didn’t say a word!!! The program I was enjoying was called ‘Collateral’ and she had switched over to watch something called ‘Marcella’! No wonder I was confused!!!

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I Haven’t Got A Clue

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