I Know How Much You Hate Sprouts

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This is just a short post, but it’s something I still think about today. When I was growing up  many years ago and my folks were still on earth, my mother would often ask me questions that would leave me entirely perplexed. So much so that even now I can’t help but scratch my head. There must be a name for these type of questions. I’ll give a few examples as we go along. For instance, dinner was a perfect time for this nonsense. “I know how much you hate sprouts, so I’ve only put you a few!” Do you see what I’m getting at? Another favourite was, “Do you want peas or beans with your dinner?”, “I’ll have beans please, mother” I would reply to which she would let me know that she had already put peas for me! Why oh why would anyone ask that question knowing full well there really wasn’t any choice? On it went, “What would you like for pudding? There’s Rice or Blancmange.” “I’ll have Rice please, mother.” “Oh, I’m sorry I’ve bought a Blancmange that has to be eaten today. 

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I Know How Much You Hate Sprouts

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