Jeff Lynne’s Column

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In London they have the world famous Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square, St Paul’s Cathedral etc, etc. Up here in Birmingham, we’ve gone a long way to improve the city over the last couple of decades, and we’ve even got our own Walk of Fame with such luminaries as Roy Wood, Jasper Carrot, Tony Iommi and others. All of them local lads done good. There are many more to be added too, people like Denny Laine.

Even though the city planners have done a lot to keep Birmingham up to date with any major modern city around the world, and should be applauded for that, we’ve even got a brand new railway station, ‘Grand Central’ which as I write, is to be opened by none other than Her Majesty The Queen next week, although by the time you’ve got round to reading this, it was three years ago!! I digress, and what I was going to point out is that there are still one or two buildings (made at a time when concrete was sixpence a ton) that lay on the cityscape that need some work to bring them into the 21st century. Carbuncles!

The Cityscape Has Changed A Lot These Past Couple Of Decades

Jeff Lynne's Column
Jeff Lynne’s Column

What we need is a way of really celebrating the famous sons of our city, the entertainers, the industrialists and politicians, ok, I’m not so keen on the politicians, but we can keep them until last! As Jeff Lynne is one of the most successful singer/songwriters of the modern age and is currently enjoying a resurgence with his music and live performances, I suggest we use the BT Tower as a base for a life sized statue of the local maestro. It would look similar to Nelson’s Column,  well, if you use a little imagination. We could call it Jeff Lynne’s Column, and it  could be lit at night. There would be loads of spikes around it, to keep the pigeons off, so it would always look clean and tidy and you would see it for miles around. Imagine the tourists it would bring to the city. All those ELO fans from all over the world, Bolton, Wolverhampton, Coventry and maybe even France.

Tourism Could Go Through The Roof

We could have a similar sort of thing placed on top of Birmingham’s famous landmark, The Rotunda, a huge sculpture of Black Sabbath.  How about The Moody Blues on top of the new station? Dare I say it, The Apple Jacks, remember them? I think this must be a great idea to pass on to the city’s tourism department. I can see it now, a group of Sabbath fans up in Leeds with nothing to do one Saturday, Tom in his best Yorkshire accent says ” Hey up lads, lets get thee down to Birmingham and have us a luke at that Sabbath statue on top of t’old Rotunda”. The sky’s the limit. Mr Blue Sky at that! 

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Jeff Lynne’s Column

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