Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas. Well, it’s been a year of ups and downs for me as it has for most people. One of the ‘ups’ is taking up blogging and the benefits I’ve found from doing it. Meeting new people, reading others blogs and all the different stories from around the world, some very personal, others interesting muses that people have done.

I always try to add some humour into my blog posts, sometimes successfully, other times not so. Living is all about ‘living’, enjoying every nano second that we have in this mortal ant farm in the universe.

Christmas is a time that means different things to everyone. Some take it as an excuse to party for a week or two, others find it distressing, remembering all the loved ones that are no longer here, some see it as a reason to spend, spend, spend while others roam the streets looking for shelter.

I don’t drink alcohol anymore, mainly for health reasons, so I always have those funny looks if I’m invited to a party and I ask for a mug of tea when the hosts ask what I’d like to drink. I used to enjoy the odd pint of beer and how it made me feel, but since I have stopped, I really don’t miss it at all. I’m appreciative too that for some people, being able to stop taking alcohol is a daily battle that I don’t have to face.

Anyway, I want to wish all my fellow bloggers a merry Christmas, wherever you are, whether or not you celebrate it. Thank you for reading my blog and thank you for all your kind comments, likes and follows. I hope 2016 will bring everyone of you peace, joy and happiness. Don’t forget, give plenty of hugs, it all helps. Merry Christmas.

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