Money For Nothing

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Money for nothing is the title of a well known album by the band, Dire Straits. It’s also the title for todays’ Daily Post challenge. There’s an old saying, ‘Find work that you love to do and you’ll never work again.’ I’m not sure who came up with it, but I think I agree with them. When you look around and you see some people who have made a lot of money during their time, I mean shed loads of the stuff, and I’m not counting the ones who may have got rich on the backs of others.

Take The Beatles for example. Four young guys who got together in their teens to do nothing more than make and play music. They were very good too, as the world found out later. However, when they were just starting out, they played in Hamburg, Germany, not earning a great deal, living in squalid conditions, but, doing what they loved doing. The money side of it didn’t seem to bother them, they just wanted to play, sing and write and as long as they were surviving, they kept on doing it. Eventually, their talent shone through and they went on doing what they loved doing but on the world stage. The rewards in financial terms have been astronomical.

Another example is someone like Lord Sugar or even Richard Branson. They started out with nothing but a dream. They have both built business empires and continue to prosper. The word ‘retire’ doesn’t seem to apply to them. It seems that whatever they do, they make money, lots of it. They are living the dream, remember the old saying, ‘find work you love to do and you’ll never work again’.

It seems to me that money for the people who are living the dream is a by product of what they really enjoy doing. Whether you’re an entertainer, entrepreneur, chef or film star, if you enjoy doing the work you’re doing, the money seems to come in far easier than if you work in a dead end job living hand to mouth with every pay check. So, if you want money for nothing go and live the dream. I know, it’s far easier said than done. After all, I spent 40 odd years in manufacturing plants dreading every nano second I was there.


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  • Relax...
    February 15, 2016

    So, you’re also saying it’s never too late? Good to hear!

    • admin
      February 15, 2016

      It’s never ever too late. Trust me, do whatever you enjoy doing, a hobby or whatever and watch what happens.

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Money For Nothing

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