Nano The Cat Lady

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Nano the cat lady hails from Oslo, Norway. To me she looks like a human, walks like a human, sounds like a human, dresses like a human yet she says she’s not a human but a cat!

The 20 year old made her statement in an interview published on You Tube. Nano says that just like any other cat, she hates water and can communicate simply by meowing. She also wear a pair of cat ears on an Alice band! Sometimes she wears a tail and will walk on all fours, just like a real cat! She said that it wasn’t until she was a teenager that she realised she wasn’t human, but a cat!


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  • angloswiss
    January 28, 2016

    What a load of old (I think we had a word for it in cockney but probably not very nice). I now have one cat, but had three, the other two have now gone on to their 10th life somewhere in the etnernal corn chambers. So this cat lady does not like water for washing, I bet she smells and not like a cat, because my cats don’t really smell. My tabby only drinks water and nothing else. He is not a milk person. Tabby meows now and again, but not often but she has a completely different meow that her litter sister had and Fluffy, my third cat did not meow, he howled, but it was a tom cat. I wonder if she uses the toilet or a tray – no forget it. Cats do not converse in meow, it is just a noise they make. cats converse with telepathy, we all know that – or don’t they. In any case it is a good job this young lady/feline is seeing a psychiatrist, he will make a lot of money out of her, and she will need him, especially if she start sharpening her nails on a tree (she might get a splinter in her finger).

    • admin
      January 28, 2016

      Yes, it certainly is a very weird story.

  • Embeecee
    January 28, 2016

    I’m not certain what to say. I’ve heard of the phenomenon, but usually the people involved with it are in institutions under care. That young woman looks as if she dresses in a trendy fashion. Cats >apparently< don't care about trendy, IF they even get the concept…they go their own way at all times. She looks well fed, even a bit plump. I hope whomever is in charge of her (she can't earn her own way, can she? Perhaps the publicity she gains is lucrative?) is motivating her to become more than four years old, which is the age most of us stop playing pretend on that kind of level. Strange is all I'd say, after I'd rolled my eyes and muttered something about another lime-light seeking poseur. The world doesn't need more attention seeking gonzos.

    • admin
      January 29, 2016

      I find it totally bizarre.

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