Orange Crush

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A lorry carrying 30 tons of oranges in Yunnan, China overturned and spilt the lot over the highway, making an orange crush, much to the delight of local residents. Villagers gathered to collect the fruit, picking up as much as they could and carrying it off in crates.

Villagers collect oranges
Villagers collect oranges

They could hardly believe their luck. With the Chinese new year only a couple of weeks away, oranges are in high demand as they represent symbols of wealth. It is also believed that the amount of oranges you receive is a measure of good fortune that will come your way for the year ahead.

The truck driver was alleged to have told villagers that the fruit was damaged and wouldn’t be any good. However, it seems it fell on deaf ears as it did not deter any of them from collecting the fruits of his misfortune! It seems that the roads of China are invariably covered in fruit and livestock spillages. One accident saw thousands of live crabs make a break for freedom, while another had a cargo of live fish which were all saved after a quick response from the local fire service and their hoses.


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  • Pcess
    January 19, 2016

    These incidents are amusing. I think its time for those companies that supply goods to review their measures on food security and safety.

    • admin
      January 19, 2016

      I think you’re right, there’s a lot of them.

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Orange Crush

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