Wrong Number From Outer Space

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Can you believe this, Tim Peake the UK astronaut on board the International Space Station made a phone call to the wrong number from outer space!  When the unsuspecting recipient of the call answered the phone, Tim asked ‘Is this planet earth?’ Only then did he realise that he had dialled the wrong number!

Now, I get loads of phone calls from people selling central heating boilers to ‘would I like to book my funeral in advance and save myself money’, but to get a call from outer space, well………. how fantastic would that be?

Me: ‘Hello, 123456, the Joneses’ residency, this is the butler speaking.

Tim: ‘Hi, is this planet earth?’

Me: ‘I hope so, otherwise I don’t know where I am.’

Tim: ‘This is Tim Peake on the International Space Station…..’

Me: ‘Oh yeah, and you just thought you’d give me a call, out of the blue (erm), just one of 7 billion people you could have called.’

Tim: ‘I am so sorry, I seem to have called the wrong number.’

Me: ‘Yeah, whatever pal, do you do this sort of thing often? Fly into space and call someone up?’

Tim: ‘Er, no, but honestly, I’ve made a mistake, I meant to dial my local dry cleaners to see if my suit will be ready for collection when I get back to earth in 6 months time.’

Me: ‘I thought I’d heard it all, but you’ve set a new one on me, now clear off!’

Tim: ‘I’m really sorry, I really am, I won’t trouble you again, bye.’

Me: ‘Good! Take my number off your intergalactic call centre and don’t ever call me again, otherwise I’ll hunt you down!’

Beeeeeep. You wouldn’t believe it would you? The joys of modern technology, they can place a man on the moon, build a space station and fly astronauts there and back, yet try and use a phone up there and whoops!

It must have been a great joy to the person who took the call knowing that it was really from the International Space Station. God luck to them all and best wishes to everyone for 2016.

For more information on the ISS


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  • davekingsbury
    December 27, 2015

    Let’s hope that’s the only wrong buttons he presses … and if he rings the missus up, she’ll give him a piece of her mind on expensive wastes of money!

    • admin
      December 27, 2015

      Ha, I don’t think he’ll do that again.

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Wrong Number From Outer Space

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