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I was prompted to write this article based upon the Dailypost challenge title of Sentimental. So why the photograph of the cat, you may well ask? The cat belongs to my daughter and her family and has the delightful name of Dids. He is one of two, the other being called Bailey Cat. I have no idea where those names came from. It took me back to the days of my teenage years when my brother brought home an abandoned kitten he found on his way to school. We gave him the name Sam.

Sam was a tortoiseshell cat, and like a lot of cats, fiercely independent. He ruled the roost, and we also had a dog at the time, and Sam was always able to eat the dogs dinner, but if the dog ever tried to go anywhere near the cats dinner, there would only be one winner! There was one trait that Sam had, and to this day, I’ve never seen another cat like it. His penchant for a bag of crisps!

No matter where Sam was, he could have been missing for a couple of days, as soon as I opened the pantry door to get a bag of crisps he would turn up out of the blue. Uncanny. I would take the bag and sit on the sofa, and he would jump straight on my lap, trying to force his head into the open packet. I would only give him one or two crisps, and he seemed quite happy with that, then he would disappear into the night again.

It was so strong the way Sam would turn up whenever he heard the slightest rustle of a crisp packet that even to this day, some 40 odd years later, I still expect to see him on the odd occasion I treat myself to a packet of crisps. I find it very strange that I still associate the action with those days. That’s why I was getting sentimental after seeing Dids on Mothering Sunday. It reminded me of Sam and the bag of crisps.

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