The Clever Guts Diet

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The Clever Guts Diet

I’m not getting any younger, none of us are. I’m 60 now, but there’s no way I feel 60! Something in my brain keeps telling me that I’m 16. What my body keeps reminding me is I’m definitely 60 and I need to start taking care of bits and pieces. So what is The Clever Guts Diet about?

Let me start with why I want to write about this book. It was recommended to me by the nurse at my Doctor’s surgery. I have always had a bit of a problem with, er, there’s no other way to put this, er, with burping and farting! Flatulence is the proper word. I always put it down to shift working for over 20 years.

About 11 or 12 years ago when I was a mere 49, I got so ill that I could not swallow a damn thing! Not a sausage, not a baked bean, not even a glass of water. Turns out to be something called Oesophagitis. It’s not serious, it just means your food pipe gets damaged by all the belching and burping caused by escaping acid from your stomach. Hence, the food pipe gets so narrow that no food can pass through.

Burp, burp, burp and more burp!

It did mean a trip to hospital and a couple of nights stay. Fast foreward 12 years and I’ve just read The Clever Guts Diet. Who knew these little blighters, microbiome could have such an effect on you? The author, Dr Michael Mosley is well know to TV viewers in the UK, often putting himself through unpleasant medical procedures so the public can see what’s involved. Think Colonoscopy!

The book, without spoiling it for anyone, basically explains that you have brains in your stomach. There are recipes in here too. If the nurse at my G.P. recommended it then what more can I say. It’s written in an informative, but informal way, not medically heavy or anything like that.

The Clever Guts Diet: How to revolutionise your body from the inside out

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  • susiesopinions
    June 28, 2017

    Sounds different. We are on a diabetic, kidney, and heart healthy diet, because of Len. No choice in the matter. He will be 84 in October, and has had diabetes for 43 years now.

    • Trev Jones
      June 29, 2017

      Yes, it is different, Sue. Thank you for your comments

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The Clever Guts Diet

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