The Great Pretender

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The Great Pretender, yes it’s a song that Freddie Mercury had a hit with many moons ago and is the title to todays daily prompt over at the daily post website. It got me thinking, which is really what it’s meant to do, how we all do a bit of pretending in our lives. For example, in days gone by, whenever I’ve been in a large crowd of ‘high flyers’ and I’m feeling a little less confident than those around me, I would shirk at ‘Hi, I’m Charles, I’m in Sales and Marketing, what do you do?’ ‘I’m Trev, I work in Ethnimusicology’ which would usually leave them dumbstruck and they’d wander off and leave me alone. Thinking back, they probably thought, ‘Oh yeah, bulls****er!’ Which, of course was perfectly true. I worked on an assembly line manufacturing cars.

But that’s life isn’t it? We are all guilty of pretending that we earn more, have another bigger car in the garage back at home, could have been the next Georgie Best and so on. Human nature. I think there comes a stage in life though, where you sort of mature and think, well I’m not going to pretend anymore and I’m just going to tell it like it is. If people don’t like me as I am, then they’re the ones who will be missing out, not me. Listen to me getting all philosophical and serious and yet this is supposed to be a humorous blog.

I was looking for some examples to illustrate this blog, but it’s difficult, we all know what a pretender is, I think. So I came across this video of a guy who ‘supposedly filmed his whole holiday backwards, so that his face is in every frame, a bit like a movie selfie. But what if he’s pretending? He may well have known exactly what he was doing and thought it would be great fun to make up this story with a few well edited clips and place it on youtube. To date, he’s had over 2.5 million hits in 4 days! So there you are, he could well be a great pretender.

Daily Prompt: The Great Pretender


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The Great Pretender

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