The Long Kiss Goodnight

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I am having another go at these photo challenges as no one said anything detrimental about my first one, I thought it must be ok. This challenge seems a little different, and you have to use a certain amount of creative thinking in the process. Ooh, that could be very difficult for me the. Thinking and being creative, all in one sentence. The idea of this challenge at Photo Rehab Weekly is to recreate a famous book cover or film. Well, that’s how I’ve interpreted it. I hope I’m not wrong, otherwise I’m going to look a silly old sod, again!!

At 19, Jackson attended Martin Luther King Jr.’s funeral in Atlanta as an usher.

This weeks challenge is based on the action packed film, The Long Kiss Goodnight which stars Geena Davis and Samuel L.Jackson. I hold my hand up and say I have never seen it myself. I’ve done quite a bit of Photoshopping in this challenge and hopefully come up with an image that is acceptable to Photo Rehab Weekly. I enjoy these challenges, they are something quite new to me and help with keeping the creative spirit inside me fired up. I’m hoping I can find many more challenges. I just hope I’ve got the right idea and I’m doing everything properly. I never was any good at taking or reading instructions, but I think I have improved as I’ve got older, just like a fine wine! 

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The Long Kiss Goodnight

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