Vivid Memories Of A Body in The Back Of A Car

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Vivid Memories of A Body in The Back of A Car.

Many years ago, when I was a teenager there is one memory that is so vivid I can see it as though it were yesterday. I was about 18 and like most juveniles on a Friday night spent the time drinking far too much alcohol. With beer at affordable prices, it didn’t take much of it to get drunk.

Back then, a night out usually meant a night out until 4:00 am or thereabouts. This particular night though I realised on the way home with my friend that I hadn’t got my house keys. My folks weren’t the kind of people you could wake up in the middle of the night. Especially looking as though I’d been dragged through a hedge backwards.

‘You can stay at mine for the night.’

I told my friend that I had forgotten my keys and he said I could stay at his folks house for the night. There would be a catch though. His Dad repaired cars and sold them on, so my bed for that night would be the back seat of an old Mini that was in the garage at the bottom of the back garden.

Remember, this was around 4:00 am on a bitterly cold Saturday morning in December. We staggered into his house as quietly as possible and he got a blanket from somewhere then led me down the garden to the garage. I found my way to the back seat of the Mini and lay down with the blanket wrapped firmly around me. In a drunken stupor, sleep wasn’t long coming.

‘Der’s a body in de back. Oh my God.’

It must have been around 8:00 am and I was sound asleep. It wasn’t the Ritz Hotel, but it was better than wandering around the streets. However, my sleep was about to be rudely disturbed! My friends Dad had turned up in the garage with a potential customer. The first I knew about it was vaguely hearing shouting. Then a loud voice with a West Indian accent shouting, “Der’s a body in de back. Oh my God.”

What the hell………

Next thing I know, the guy jumped out of the car screaming for my friends Dad to call the Police. I was awake now, but still very hungover from the beer. I pulled the blanket from my head and looked sheepishly as though I didn’t know what was going on. My friends Dad recognised me immediately and although I think there was relief that I wasn’t a dead body that had been dumped, he was still very unhappy!

I was reminded of this very vivid memory by today’s Daily Post Prompt.

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  • Anonymous
    March 6, 2017

    BWAHAHAHAH!! When I read the title, I thought of something more er, earthy, than the story you told. I remember back seats and a body in there…but usually we were up to snoggin’. (I hope I used that word correctly…?) And the backseat was usually more private than either of our residences…of course I was young and limber back then too. These days? Give me a nice roomy bed! 😀 Thanks for the laugh!

    • Trev Jones
      March 6, 2017

      Thank you for the comments Embeecee. I think that’s how I’d like to remember back seats of cars too, much better than the way I wrote.

  • Leland Olson Hoel
    March 11, 2017

    Thank you for brightening up my day. Great tail seat tale, without any tail. It is snowing here, the wind is about to start howling as per usual. I think that might be what this blogging is all about, brightening up each other space a little, so we don’t jump out the south window or just plain go bonkers some days.

    • Trev Jones
      March 11, 2017

      Glad it brightened up your day, Leland. I try to do everything these days not too seriously.

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Vivid Memories Of A Body in The Back Of A Car

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