We Went Dinosaur Hunting And Found One

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It was one of those days yesterday. I wanted to be 6 years old again. We were out shopping and my Grandson asked if we could go Dinosaur hunting. Well, why not? So, in the middle of a busy shopping mall, we turned it into a Jurassic island.

You’ll never guess what’s around the corner.

Not sure who was excited most. Me or him. Every shop doorway became a threat which needed closer inspection, just in case. Every shop could be harboring a dinosaur! We had to be very, very careful. As we moved on, things seemed to be quite normal. We checked for footprints that might lead us to a nest, but there were none!

Both of us were getting a little dismayed, he kept shouting “C’mon Grandad, keep up, we’ll never find anything at this pace!” I’m not sure if my panting was through sheer excitement or from over exerting myself. We pursued through our imaginary jungle, chopping out anything in the way. Suddenly, we get to a crossroads in the shopping mall, er, Jurassic island and there in all it’s glory is………. A DINOSAUR!

Well that was unexpected! It looked a very frightening Dinosaur and angry. Thankfully, it didn’t move much. It was very quiet too. We were hoping to hear a huge roarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Getting closer I managed to take a couple of photographs, but I don’t think my Grandson was to keen to stand next to it. He was worried this monster may suddenly spring into life.

I think I like Dinosaur hunting

It had turned an otherwise dull Saturday afternoon into a real adventure. He was happy, I was happy, the Dinosaur looked happy, as happy as happy Dinosaurs look. I’m now looking forward to next weeks shopping trip. I wonder what we can go looking for?  We delivered the Grandson back to his parents. He told them he had seen a Dinosaur and they looked at me funny. Then they told him not be rude to Grandad, he’s not a Dinosaur!!!!

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  • Covert Novelist
    June 4, 2017

    I am completely delighted there is another out there who believes childhood is for living! I do the same with my little grands in the Mall. Some get quite snooty, others smirk and smile. I’m really not interested in their reactions, but that of the 7 year old and the 9 year old who delight in having fun. We often (I am in a ride-em-cart) whiz on by others looking for the escapee. My 9 year old directs traffic ahead of me so we don’t bump into others shopping. I will say it is quite an interesting view from a cart. You see what children see being at “butt” level. It was a whole new view…no wonder they were delightedly entertained with grandma’s antics. I know I would be if I were them, lol. But that’s a whole other topic. Loved this piece, so glad you shared it. :):)

    • admin
      June 7, 2017

      Thank you Covert Novelist. I’ve just found your message after a spambot hid it with others. I thought it was quiet. Thank you again.

  • Leland Olson Hoel
    June 6, 2017

    Good for you Trev, your grandson will have a memory to share with his friends for a long time.

    • admin
      June 7, 2017

      Thank you Leland. I’ve just found your message after a spambot hid it with others. I thought it was quiet. Thank you again.

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