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There’s an absolute fantastic series on Channel 4 in the UK called ‘Great Railway Journeys’.  Now, I’m not a train enthusiast, nor will I ever be, but this series of colourful, entertaining and educational programmes is essential TV viewing. Not only that, but Mr Portillo seems to film where the sun always shines, which is an achievement in itself here in the UK. In those bright coloured jackets, pink, yellow, green and blue he’s come a long way since those days when his job was an annoying politician.


I have this theory that he films a whole series in just one day. The crew wait until they know it’s going to be a rare beautiful summers day and then get Mr Portillo out of bed before sunrise. They spend all day traversing the rail network from north to south and east to west of the entire British Isles, with Mr Portillo making up the script as they go along. Then, back in the studio they do some pretty heaving editing to make it look as though they’ve made an entire series. I can’t believe that he finds so many beautiful days filming over a period of time.

It seems the same with that other fine series which usually follows on directly after Mr Portillo, ‘Celebrity Antiques Road Trips’, where two famous celebs are paired with a couple of antique dealers and they go off around the country, usually driving in classic cars. From Brighton to Edinburgh, they appear to be where the sun always shines. After watching for the past couple of years, I’ve yet to see an episode where it’s been grey, with rain and wind.

I’m not a great watcher of TV, it usually numbs the mind, but these two shows I do recommend, even if it’s only to see a great British summers day. You can find more about them on the links below.

Great British Railway Journeys

Celebrity Antiques Road Trip

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